September 2015

Our launch was covered by one of the world's most widely read newspapers, The Guardian, in an article that shared over 5600 times on Facebook. 

This was followed shortly after by an Op-Ed written by Mike, Sarra and Alec, also published in The Guardian.

The Guardian also acknowledged our work in their article that launched phase II of their tremendous Keep it in The Ground Campaign. And in their coverage of Bill Gates' comments regarding divestment in The Atlantic.  

More locally we were also covered by Seattle's local NPR station KUOW, who played an interview they had with former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn about our campaign at least three times in a 24 hours period. 

Our launch was also covered by Common Dreams, Inhabitat, Eco Sphere, Catalytic Community, Muck Rack and The Daily Kos

Just a couple days after that we were also covered by Seattle's alternative weekly paper, The Stranger.

Read Sarra Tekola's powerful argument in favor of our campaign in the Sightline Institute. 

This wonderful endorsement of our campaign was made by respected periodical Non-Profit Quarterly.

While we also featured in an article on divestment by New York based outlet Take Part. This same article was also re-published on Yahoo News.

And  Mike McGinn talks again about our campaign on a KPLU podcast.  

The Stranger provides us with a fantastic endorsement. Want to be an activist in Seattle? Gates Divest is the place to be.

Read Alex Garland's report on our recent live musical event outside of the Foundation on his blog:

Although a couple of their facts are off, it was good to see the Puget Sound Business Journal writing about our campaign.

October 2015

Organizer Alec Connon's article on why Gates Divest brought a choir to the Foundation featured in the South Seattle Emerald 

Former Seattle Mayor, Mike McGinn, talks to Fulbright Scholar and divestment activist, Alex Lenferna, about fossil fuel divestment on Kiro Radio.

This tremendous piece - which includes a quote from Gates Divest's Alex Lenferna - critiquing Gates' naive assessment appeared in the nationally respected Grist

With the support of local organizations EPIC and the Seattle Black Book Club and numerous Black Lives Matter, Seattle, activists, Sarra Tekola, published this great piece in African Consensus.

Alex Lenferna, comprehensively challenges Bill Gates' narrow critique of the divestment movement in the nationally read Eco Watch, an article that was also re-run in Conscious Life News

Gates Divest was mentioned in popular local blog Seattlish

Naomi Klein
appears at Seattle's 2015 Climate March wearing a Gates Divest button and gives her unflinching support of Gates Divest.

The next night, Naomi Klein gave Gates Divest another great endorsement in front of a packed audience at The Nation, Live at Seattle's Town Hall

The Stranger reported favorably of our kayaktivist action outside of the Gates' Mansion on Lake Washington

As did the Seattle Globalist

And Joel Connelly in the Seattle PI

The event was also published nationally on Popular Resistance

November 2015

Seattle Met reports on 10 out of 18 city council candidates endorsement of Gates Divest

In response to Bill Gates interview  in The Atlantic, Alex Lenfrena published this fantastic rebuttal in Salon

The Guardian ran this great piece revealing that had The Gates Foundation divested 3 years ago they would have made $1.9 billion more.

The Gates Foundation's investments were on both the front page of the Seattle Times (11/17/15) and on their website.

The Seattle Weekly also question the Foundations continued investments in the fossil fuel industry in this great article.

The Exxon divestment story was also republished in University of Michigan blog Next Billion.

Billionaire's News
(Bill and Melinda's own paper perhaps?) published this sympathetic piece on Gates Divest's call.

In 2014 The Gates Foundation issued their annual Great Challenge: Put Women and Girls at the Front of Global Development. In Patriarchy and Climate Change Gates Divest organizer Alec Connon draws the links that show that climate change will disproportionately impact women and girls.  

Gates Divest organizer Alec Connon is quoted in this article in The Guardian, in which 98 Gates' funded Cambridge University scholars speak out in favor of the Gates Foundation's divestment

Common Dreams published Alec's Op-Ed: The Gates Foundation has sold its Exxon Stock - But Why?

King 5 ran a preview piece on Gates Divest's November 30th press conference and letter delivery, including an interview with organizer, Alec Connon

King 5, one of Washington's most watched news stations, also ran the story of Gates Divest's press conference and letter delivery several times the next day.

As did both the WA-NPR station, KUOW and popular local radio station KPLU.

The story was also run in the Seattle Weekly.

And The Stranger, The Seattle PI, The Seattle Globalist

also ran a great piece on the event.

In response to Gates' clean energy announcement, Alec Connon had this piece published in Popular Resistance